What is Pazdeal? Pazdeal is a new, revolutionary personalized marketing tool for local shop owners to retain existing customers. All completely mobile-based.

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Pazdeal is easy to use for you as a local business owner. Literally within 30 seconds fromyour own mobile phone, you can create a beautifull message and inform your clients. Setup in three simple steps:


Setup your text
Enter the details of your offer like title, description, and price or discount.


Snap a picture
Use the built-in camera of your mobile phone to snap a picture accompanying your message.


Set your start and enddate
Determine when your message should be sent out and what the validity of your message is.

High visibility

Your message is pushed directly to the start-screens of your customers’ mobile phones, when they are near your business location, and on all your social media channels.


Pazdeal is completely mobile based. No need to find a
regular computer or lose time formatting, and sending
e-mailings that no one reads anymore.

Cross platform

Pazdeal is fully cross-platform: desktop, mobile, & tablet versions are available. We offer web-app and native apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

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Windows Phone

“When can I start?”
Owner Café Loetje, Amsterdam, Netherlands
“Very good for our drinkspecials. The app is very easy to handle and to setup a promotion.”
Cactus Club Café, Vancouver, Canada
“A must-have service for small and midsized shop-owners”
Former CEO of Yellow Page, Switzerland

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